The Last of the Tattooed Headhunters

We are very pleased to announce that our work has been recognized internationally!

A prestigious prize has been awarded  to us by the International Creative Media at the London Book Fair in March 2019 for exemplary design and concept in the category Photo Books. Awesome!!

It has been an honour to receive this award, we see it as a recognition of all the time and money we invested in this project. We are very happy that the documentation of the unique tattoo tradition has worked out so well.

At the inauguration of the Hornbill festival December 2017, the book has officially been launched by the governor of Nagaland and the first copy is been presented to the president of India!

First books were sold during the Hornbill festival along with an photo exhibition.

The Konyak tribe, once notorious for their headhunting and famous for their facial tattoos, live in the remote North East India and the northwestern tip of Myanmar. The prominent and iconic “specs” facial tattoo of the Konyak men is a depiction of this unique cultural practice that distinguish the Konyaks to the rest of the world. Various other tattoo design patterns on the bodies of both men and women are a direct visual representation of this unique traditional practice. Unfortunately, the living proof today, of this once thriving and unique tattooing culture, is fading by the year.

The book “The Last of the Tattooed Headhunters; The Konyaks” is documenting this unique tattooing culture in depth. The fundaments of the Konyak culture and the tattoos on face and body form an union, they are inseparable. The aim is to keep this culture alive for all

Take a peek inside!

A presentation and lecture on the topic “The Last of the Tattooed Headhunters: The Konyak’s” was made by Ms. Phejin Konyak. Attending the seminar were academics and students from Kohima Science College, Nagaland University and professors from several other universities in India. Ms. Konyak shared about her research and documentation on the vanishing tattoo tradition of the Konyak’s, as well as about the importance of preserving the oral traditions of the Nagas.

6th of September the photo exhibition will be opened with an presentation about the book ‘The Last of the Tattooed Headhunters’. There will be also a tattoo worksop for temporary tattoos in ‘Naga’ style.

The photo exhibition will display the tattooed headhunter warriors.

Opening is on 6th September 1200 hours. The presentation starts at 1300 hours. All invited 😉

Interview on Konyak tattoo cultural tradition for Kunzum TV channel on the 12th of August,2015 at Kunzum Travel Café, Hauz Khas village, Delhi by Ajay Jain, the owner who is a travel blogger for the Huffington Post, Tourism Authority of Thailand and Tourism Authority of Israel. Information was also shared about the Aoling festival of the Konyak tribe, What activities to do for travellers while in Mon District, Which villages to visit, How to get there and The best time to visit.

Participation and power point paper presentation on the topic  “The Last of the Tattooed Headhunters: The Konyaks” at the 8th International Conference of the Inclusive Museum, Delhi from 7-9 August,2015. The presentation was very well received by the international delegates from other 25 countries and the research work greatly appreciated due to the dedication behind the intensive measures done in order to document it.